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COVID-19 Prevention Strategy

March 16, 2020 – Miami, Florida – Aerospace Resource Group. With global attention on the COVID-19 outbreak, our commitment with our employees, suppliers and customers are intact. The Aerospace Resource Group team has taken all the preventive actions for any type of disruption in the business. And together, we are working with our customers to prioritize our support and services to the companies necessary. Currently, we are operating normally with multiple precaution procedures in place. We have exercised the opportunity to facilitate working from home to the members of our team allowed to do so. Also, in case of any outbreaks internally, we have already established the contingency plan to prevent any business disruptions.
We would like to thank all our partners and members of our organization for constant support and understanding during this period. We are very attentive on how the development of the outbreak is affecting us and the rest of the nations.

About Aerospace Resource Group (ARG)

ARG is an organization encompassing people with vast knowledge in the Industry and promoting stringent cost-effective service standards, and the philosophy of delivering world class service to the global aviation community.
ARG is committed to professional business ethics, creating and maintaining long lasting customer relationships that are partnerships, which are built on the foundation of dedication and integrity.
With our current location in Miami, Florida and Santiago de Chile, Chile, and expanding our business to the European and Asian markets, our business is to provide Tomorrow’s Solution Today.
Learn more about our aviation services by contacting us at https://www.arg1.com proudly serving clients from all around the globe.

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